Tarot offerings


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Onyx is a channel and intuitive tarot reader currently residing in the Portland area. She found the tarot while completing her master’s program in Fisheries & Wildlife back in Michigan; learning to read from her mentor who ran a weekly study group out of her bookstore. Since that time, the tarot has proved to be an instrumental guiding force in her own life, as well as a gift she feels compelled to share with others. Onyx has the ability to tap in directly with Divine Feminine archetypes, and uses the cards as a framework to communicate their messages to her clients. She also works with honeybee wisdom and medicine, and frequently weaves their deep knowledge into her sessions. 

Private Sessions


Onyx sees private clients at her home in SE Portland, as well as via Skype. A Tarot Reading provides insight into the past, present, and future influences of whatever you are currently experiencing. In private session work, Onyx is able to dive deep into communication with your higher self, guides, and the card archetypes to provide clarity surrounding any questions you may have. Together, you go into the unconscious to determine the root of your blockages and how to move forward/overcome them. Each session comes with a voice recording, so that you can remain present in the experience. 

Session Rates:

30 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $60

If you would like to set up an appointment, please e-mail onyxmariephoto@gmail.com!

Walk-In Readings & Events


Onyx frequently does pop-up mini reading events at local businesses and vintage markets in the Portland area. These readings last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Each reading is $20.

Upcoming Events:

Portland Flea - March 31st

Portland Night Market - April 12th & 13th

Portland Flea - April 28th

Portland Flea - May 26th

Portland Flea - June 30th

Portland Night Market - July 19th & 20th

Portland Flea - July 28th

Portland Night Market - October 18th & 19th


Looking for a Tarot Reader for an event? Bachelorette Party? Ladies Night? Birthday Party? Onyx will come to you and provide unlimited mini readings for an hourly rate of $85/hr.


Workshops and Mentorship

Interested in deepening your own personal Tarot Practice? Onyx offers monthly workshops as well as one-on-one mentorship. 

One-On-One Mentorship  - $100/hr

Upcoming Workshops

Awakening The Queen Within - A 4 Part Workshop Series

The court cards are some of the most difficult to learn and understand in the Tarot. This is because they hold the same complexity and depth that occur within the human experience. During each of the 4 sessions, we will meet and learn from a different Elemental Queen through shamanic journeying techniques. Not only will we gain a deeper understanding of these archetypes; we will also learn how these Elemental Queens can be awakened within ourselves. This will be a powerful exercise in reclaiming the Queendom that is rightfully YOURS.

You are welcome to attend all 4 Queen workshops, or whichever individual workshops call out to you <3

Workshop Dates

March 10th 2-4pm @ New Renaissance Bookstore - Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) teaches us how to awaken our inner FIRE. The flame that connects us to our sexuality, creativity, and passion soul purpose. She is also the fierce mother who knows how to char the earth in order to prepare for new growth. She is the alchemist of the Tarot, and is comfortable transitioning between all of her many forms. During this workshop, we will meet this elemental Queen through shamanic journeying techniques. Through awakening our connection to her as an archetype, we will also begin to awaken the Queen of Wands within ourselves.

April 7th 2-4pm @ New Renaissance Bookstore - Queen of Swords

April 28th 2-4pm @ New Renaissance Bookstore - Queen of Cups

May 5th 5-7pm @ New Renaissance Bookstore - Queen of Pentacles